Willow Sandals - Tobacco

Willow Sandals - Tobacco

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This sandal is perfect for a casual look, a leather with a soft velvet-like texture. The shoes will give you a comfortable feeling when wearing it. From the blended with weave and the unique tailoring make willow sandal the perfect shoes for all your casual looks.

Unisex Design⁣⁣⁣⁣
Size available in 35-45⁣

ขนาด: 35

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- Material: Oiled Leather
- Colour: Tobacco
- Black rubber ultralight outsole
- Adjustable buckle fastening
- Heel height 1.5 cm

Product Care

The way to clean your COPSE shoes, insert shoes tree or newspaper so that the shoes will not lose their shape and it will be easier for cleaning, remove dirt with a damp cloth or horse brush and protect it by regularly applying a light, natural wax and buffing with a soft cloth.
Try to avoid extremes of heat and moisture. If your shoes get wet, pat them dry naturally to remove any excess moisture and leave to dry completely at room temperature.

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